blue hill acupuncture

Whether you're looking to complement your preventive health regimen or seeking assistance with a chronic condition Blue Hill Acupuncture could be the right choice for you.

Blue Hill Acupuncture offers a full spectrum of healthcare services based on classical Chinese medicine. At Blue Hill Acupuncture patients receive acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary counseling, Chinese medical bodywork (tui na) or qi gong exercise therapy depending on each patient's presentation and health objectives. These therapies can offer relief in your symptoms while addressing the cause of your condition. In following this healthcare system many experience improvement in mood, increased energy, better physical stamina and emotional balance. In other words, a generalized improvement in one's well-being and health is achieved.

Lorinda Toscas, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, is located at 154 Ellsworth Road, Blue Hill, Maine 04614 (need a map?) If you would like to schedule an appointment please call (207) 374-9111 or email.

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